What Marketing Tactic is Most Important to Prioritize in 2013?

At the start of a new year, many businesses assess their marketing efforts and decide what they will do differently this year. Small businesses especially don’t always have the marketing resources they need, so I’ve asked some local marketing experts to give you advice, by answering this one question:

Considering your limited resources, what marketing tactic is most important to prioritize (or learn more about) in 2013?

Answer #1 by Skip Shuda

Photo of Skip Shuda, Philly Marketing Labs

Skip Shuda is co-founder and marketing strategist at Philly Marketing Labs. He practices Aikido (the art of harmony) on the mat, in his business and in his life. Follow him on Twitter at @skipshoe.

Know your target buyer and walk in their shoes.   By creating a detailed marketing persona (a description of your typical buyer), you can better position all of your marketing to serve them and meet them where they are.

Answer the questions:

  • What does my typical buyer look like?  Knowing typical demographics of your buyer can help you identify potential clients faster.
  • Where does my audience hang out?  Whether digital or real world, you can meet buyers in their preferred venues.
  • What is the mindset of my typical buyer when they are ready to buy?  Position your offer to maximize value to them given how they think.
  • What are the values of my audience?  Your prospective buyers will look for community service, activities and values that resonate with theirs. Make sure your brand and website reflect those values.

Answer #2 by Natalia Morais

Natalia Morais photo

Natalia Morais, social media manager at Moving Targets, and presenter and organizer of the Bucks-Mont Online Marketing Meetup. Originally from Brazil, Natalia is a lover of arts and crafts, visual communication and advocate of great customer service. Follow her on Twitter at @NatMoraisBR.

I have to say social media and email marketing. These two channels not only allow business owners to reach a very targeted audience – customers who already like their services/products and will be more likely to buy – but also give businesses the chance to build a personal relationship with them. With so many options to choose from nowadays, having a great relationship with customers has become a very important part of running a business and the best way to stand out from the competition.

Answer # 3 by Liam Dempsey

Liam Dempsey, LBDesign

Liam Dempsey, director + designer, LBDesign. Liam is a strategist, graphic designer and copywriter. He also likes quirkiness, as evidenced by chickenmonkeydog.com. Follow him on Twitter at @liamdempsey.

Consistency and patience are two key factors often overlooked in marketing campaigns of limited resources. For 2013, small businesses should focus on consistently implementing their marketing strategies for the entire duration of the campaign. Don’t get distracted, overwhelmed or disappointed by initial results! A developed sense of patience will ensure that small businesses give their marketing efforts time to root, germinate and grow. Business development takes time; patience enables small businesses to give that development an opportunity of success.

Answer #4 by Carla Wilson

Carla Wilson, Wilson Media ServicesCarla Wilson, owner of Wilson Media Services, is a self-proclaimed digital media junkie.  She helps her clients strategize ways to repurpose their existing content into audio and video for their Internet marketing efforts. Follow her on Twitter at @WilsonVA.

Even with limited marketing dollars, consistently creating short video (like a “tip of the day” or “2 minutes with a coach”) is a great way to extend your reach and expand your marketing efforts.  Typically, folks already have the equipment they might need to create video – a smartphone or web camera on a computer – to produce content that educates, engages and builds rapport.  Video can be added to a YouTube channel, website, and pushed out on social channels. And, here’s a tip: the shorter the video, that easier it is to produce.  The easier it is to produce, the more likely you are to continue the effort.  Also, short videos are more likely to be shared.

My Two Cents

I think we’ve gotten some terrific answers here. If you’d like to add more, feel free to comment below. And, also, know that these four marketers are all great at what they do. So, use the links above if you want to contact them.



  1. Rick Wolff (@RickWolff) · January 15, 2013

    “Know your target buyer and walk in their shoes.” I’d love to learn how to do that.

    • ctmarcom · January 15, 2013

      Hi Rick, I think you just gave us a great topic to discuss at an upcoming ChescoMarketing meetup. I’d even offer to present on that topic. There are so many more ways to get to know your customer these days, it’s a fantastic topic to have a group discussion on. Also, it is something Skip has spent a lot of time on, especially with developing personas. You could also suggest he present that topic at a Main Line Social Media Meetup.

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