Red Robin Proves a Culture of Kindness Starts with Empowerment

Random acts of kindness are nothing new, especially not for Red Robin employees.

“Our team members, day in and day out, will bestow these random acts,” said Kevin Caulfield, a Red Robin spokesperson (as quoted in this ABC News article). “They’re empowered to do special things for our guests to make the experience a great one for our guests.”

The key word there is “empowered.” Empowering your employees to act on behalf of your brand to help consumers is key to building a great company culture and a well-loved brand.

What did Red Robin do this time that put them in the news?

The manager of their Apex, North Carolina restaurant, after a friendly chat with a very pregnant customer, took the charges for that customer off the family’s bill.

Receipt showing charge deleted and good luck wish

The husband told the story to ABC News with the goal that it would “make businesses see the value of being more personable.”

Businesses, customers are telling you what to do. Pay attention!

Stories like these are nothing new for Red Robin. In fact, they even have a special section on their website called “Unbridaled Acts” dedicated to these acts of kindness.

Unbridaled Acts web page

Caulfield said, “I can’t say enough that it’s just part of our culture.” And, really, it’s not that hard to do.

However, as much as it’s about empowering your employees, a customer-focused culture all starts with leadership that genuinely lives this culture everyday.

In the era of layoffs as regular practice for multi-million and -billion dollar companies, it’s hard to find CEOs who understand caring about people actually translates into creating profit.

And that’s exactly why I’m sharing this story. It’s time we change OUR culture and give more attention—and more business—to those companies that put people first.

So, please, share away!


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