Movember, Moustaches and Mates

Movember photo: Changing the face of men's health

What’s so special about a bunch of guys growing moustaches? Let me tell you.

I’ve heard about Movember the past few years, but I haven’t paid much attention to it. But the buzz seems to be getting louder this year, so I looked into it.

If you haven’t heard about Movember, it’s a fundraising movement in which men grow moustaches for the 30 days of November to help “change the face of men’s health.” It began in Australia with about 30 people participating in 2003 and last year had more than 850,000 men who raised over $125 million in 2011.

Gotta say, for something that seems so silly, the Movember movement pulls in some serious results. Watch this video to see the impact for yourself:

Having worked in the health care industry for many years, I can tell you it’s difficult to get men to get more involved with their own health care. Movember raises awareness and gets men involved in a fun, silly way.

Movember men's health stats from Tom's Shoes website

October is pretty much painted pink with breast cancer awareness events. Even major sports leagues get involved by wearing pink and using pink-colored sports equipment like bats, gloves and cleats.

Why not then devote November to raising awareness of men’s health issues like prostate and testicular cancer? It’s a fantastic idea!

Men around the world are growing their moustaches in this month, some hilariously in vain and some bushy as all get-out. I spotted a bunch of newly grown moustaches in NFL games this past weekend. And even The Office characters participated and talked about it on a recent episode.

Foster’s Beer and Tom’s Shoes are official sponsors. You may have seen Foster’s Philanthropist ad. And Tom’s has awareness videos, Movember t-shirts and certain shoe styles dedicated to raising money for the movement. Check out United We Grow:

This is one movement/event that truly understands its audience—the same audience that likes to grow out facial hair all through playoff season for their favorite sports team. They would not have responded as well to a different colored ribbon.

Like the simplicity of Livestrong’s yellow rubber bracelets, Movember’s moustache-growing fun is pure genius. And, true success is that these men really are talking about and taking care of themselves better.

Check out the Movember website, and while you’re there, feel free to stop by my friend Ryan’s page and help him out. Looks like his moustache is finally filling in.


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