For the Love of Guy, Help Promote More Than Just Yourself

On Tuesday, I wrote about how author Ann Patchett promotes not only herself but her whole industry, and why you should follow her lead. As I was writing that post, Guy Kawasaki was launching a focused effort to promote the use of Google+.

Guy Kawasaki's photo from the #EvanG+ subscribe page

Guy has been an avid promoter of Google+ since its beginning. After using the site for a few months, he decided to write an e-book about it—What the Plus: Google+ for the Rest of Us. His goal was:

…to help you to derive as much joy and value from Google+ as I do.

Who is this Guy?

So, let me back up for a second. In case you don’t know, Guy Kawasaki is a gregarious darling of the social media world. He’s a founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures and the creator of

Back to “For the Love of Guy”

Now, Guy is recruiting fellow evangelists to help promote Google+, using the tag #EvanG+ to give us some cohesion and visibility.

How It Works

I could tell you how it works, but Guy’s own message explains it better:

You’ll receive an email a few times a week with stuff that I hand picked. I will send only material that I think makes for good posts. In a perfect world, you will take the info in my email, craft a post, and share it with your followers. There are more than 1,500 subscribers after forty eight hours. I figure that the total number of all the followers of subscribers is 3.5 million or so people.

Two suggestions when you post this material:

1. Add a tagline such as: Become a Google+ evangelist by signing up here:
2. Add the hash tag “#EvanG+”

Incidentally, in case you’re wondering, Google is not paying me to do this nor did it come up with the idea. This is something I’m doing out of my love for Google+.

Key Points of Promotion

Note the last sentence above. He is going to all this effort to promote Google+ out of his own love for the site. Will it help Google? For sure. More than 2.5 million people have Guy in their Circles, and he has a little more than 1 million followers on Twitter.

Will his efforts help him? Absolutely, and that’s the whole point I’m trying to make.

Oftentimes, people hesitate to help promote their industry because they don’t want to help benefit their competitors. We live in a more connected world now, people. Those days are over!

I’m not asking you to join the #EvanG+ movement—though it would be great if you did. I’m asking you to be more aware of your surroundings and all the points of your connected network. Start promoting more than just yourself and your business. Promote your industry. Promote things related to your business and industry. If you do this very well, you’ll become know as a thought leader and will likely attract more business as a result.

Who can argue with that?


I started my own promotion venture last Friday. I wanted to find a way to help build a thriving writing community on Google+, so I started +Writing Circle. If you’re a writer—author, poet, screenwriter, playwright, etc.—please follow +Writing Circle.


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