Does This Dart Hit Its Target?

@Dodge promoted tweet announcing the new Dodge Dart

Good copywriting always catches my eye, so I decided to investigate Dodge’s promoted tweet today. “Build a car that will change everything” is a strong statement. Does this new car live up to the high expectations Dodge just set?

See for yourself. “Dodge Dart: How to Change Cars Forever” is the video that was linked to the tweet:

Gotta say, I like it. Let’s take a look and then let me know what you think.


Excellent tone and pacing in this advertisement. It’s fast enough to keep your attention, but not monotone. The pauses set in, for example, around “sleep…okay, that’s enough sleep” are perfect.


The script is fantastic, especially for a car company. There’s not too much detail thrown at you. Humor is there, but not forced or overdone. “Start with a simple idea” it begins and it continues by executing these simple ideas very well. The right words work with the video for a pace that engages and builds expectation.


Instead of a straight-through video, images shoot out at you in a fast-paced montage. Notice all the people working on the car are young–not 20-young, but young looking.

Worker man smashing laptop, concept didn't work, goes with script "hate it"

Each image leaves an impression, with some that really stand out. Like what happens when you rely on committees (per the script):

Cheap car flipping over

Target Audience

So, here’s the question–Does this Dart ad appeal to its target audience or not?

I think the answer is yes…for the most part. You can tell Dodge is going after a young, hip audience here. And to their credit, they don’t seem like a stodgy, old car company pretending they get Gen-Y likes, needs and personality.

Starting price just under $16,000 for what seems like a cool car, or cool enough anyway, is a great takeaway. It’s placed near the end so you’re more likely to remember it. Plus, they didn’t lead with price because they want you to like the car first. And I think the video does give the viewer a good impression of the car–good enough to go test drive even.

I’m not sure why they featured Tom Brady at the end as their “celebrity endorser.” The way they introduced him was cute and fitting with the vibe of the rest of their video, but does Tom Brady really appeal to Gen Y?

After viewing the Dodge Dart commercial for yourself, what do you think? Did Dodge hit the mark with this one?


Note to fellow WordPressers: Make sure when you try and embed your YouTube video that you’re not logged into Google. The link you get will then be a secure link and the video won’t embed. Get the unsecure link and all will work fine. Thanks to Jackie at WP for her quick and helpful reply.



  1. Carla R. Wilson (@WilsonVA) · July 11, 2012

    Hey, Coreen! Thanks for the heads up about the video. I’m a Mazda girl through and through, but wowzers, cool ad for a potentially cool car. And under $16K? Sweet. I agree that the video was well done – and the music bed kept the ad driving forward (ugh, I know, bad pun) too. 😉

    • ctmarcom · July 11, 2012

      Hi Carla, Thanks for your comment. I’m a Ford girl, but do love the Mazdas. Never bought a Dodge, but I do love the look of the Challenger, and they did do a nice job with this ad. Nice to see a car ad that’s not “same old, same old.” And no worries, all puns happily accepted here. 🙂

  2. Hi Carla – Hi Coreen. Always enjoy your posts about car commercials. It’s interesting to see how they impact you from a consumer and marketers point of view. Dodge did a nice job on this. Makes the viewer feel part of the story. You seem surprised that an OEM would make a good ad though. Auto makers have plenty of funds and access to amazing talent so I expect them to produce some of the better ads out there. So much emotion at stake.

    • ctmarcom · July 14, 2012

      Hi Ryan,
      As you can tell from other blog posts I’ve done here, this is not the first time I’ve liked a car ad (Subaru’s father-daughter ad comes to mind). I’m not surprised the ad is good. I’m surprised (happily) the ad is different. Many car commercials seem alike–I’ve even seen some use the exact same scenery/roads. This Dart ad (like the Subaru ad) is finally something different. It’s relevant and fun and engaging without using the typical draw of curvy roads, high speeds, etc. This ad tells a story, and it appeals to its target audience well–something, as a woman, I can tell you car manufacturers don’t often do well.

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