Baby photo from G+ ad. Baby looks like its thinking.

Best Commercial of 2012 So Far?

Baby photo from G+ ad. Baby looks like its thinking.

What’s the best commercial on TV today? My vote is that it has to be this one, called  “New Dad”:

When this ad first started, I thought it was for a smartphone—iPhone, HTC—and mobile cloud capabilities. But, no, it was about something bigger than that—Google+.

According to TheNextWeb’s article and Google’s Bradley Horowitz, the ad’s story is true. And when Bradley posted it on his own Google+ page, he got more than:

  • 1,600 +1s (likes for those not on G+ yet)

Snapshot of Google+ post from Bradley Horowitz showing stats listed above

Completing the Great Advertising Checklist

1. Story that connects with the audience

Who hasn’t lost their phone (or their camera) and mourned the photos lost forever? This story is something most people can connect to—even those who aren’t parents. Losing the contact list alone is enough to make us cry, but losing pictures? Good grief.

2. Images that evoke an emotional response

How cute is that baby? There’s such a feeling of happiness while we watch these photos go by that we (the audience) can really identify with the pain of losing these photos. Did you catch yourself smiling, laughing or saying “aww” while the photos flashed onscreen? If you didn’t, then you’re made of stone and who needs you as a customer! But, the fact that we are captivated by the baby photos means that the ad is doing exactly what it’s supposed to. We don’t want this guy to lose his photos—we’re invested in the story.

3. Ending or call to action you can remember

Every picture instantly saved. That’s a plus. There’s kind of a collective sigh of relief at the end of this commercial because we see all those photos in thumbnail size, online, on this man’s Google+ page. The visual is a powerful reminder of the tagline: Every picture instantly saved. We think to ourselves, “Yeah, that is a plus.”

With Google+ Instant Upload, every picture you take on your phone is instantly backed up to a private Google+ album. It’s a simple way to make sure you never lose another memory.

This is from Google’s YouTube page, and the copywriter has certainly done a great job here.

Bonus: Brilliant choices that may seem subtle or unnoticed by the audience.

Notice, most of all, this ad is not called “New Mom.” It’s “New Dad” for a reason. Okay, one reason is because it’s a true story. But the other reason is that by having the dad narrate, the ad reaches a broader audience of women and men.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans ages 25 to 34 own smartphones—a target audience every business wants to snag. Overall, 50.9 percent of women and 50.1 percent of men own a smartphone.* So, it’s awfully smart to appeal to this entire audience, and Google+ does a fantastic job of that.

Now, whether this actually draws people to use Google+ is another story. Do you think it will work?

*Source: Zeman, E. Men Are From Mars, Women Love Smartphones [commentary online]. Information Week. May 7, 2012.


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