Get Facebook Advertising Training from 22 Expert Marketers

Banner ad for the Advanced Facebook Ad Conference 2012

Almost 1 billion people are on Facebook. As a marketer, brand or small business, how do you take advantage of that huge audience?

Attend the Advanced Facebook Ads Conference hosted by Social Fresh.

The biggest and most comprehensive Facebook Advertising conference ever!

Get advice from 22 of the top Facebook marketers in the world. You don’t even have to leave your office or home. The entire event is online and takes place from June 19 – July 13, 2012.

No Time? No Problem!

I admit, when I first saw this advertised I was intimidated by committing to this month-long event. But there’s no pressure. You will get your money’s worth because if you don’t have time to view the session live, you can watch it later—up to 6 months later. All sessions will be recorded and placed online for you to view on demand.

You can come back as often as you want to replay sessions you missed and make sure you get the most out of the content.

5 Reasons This is a Must-See Event

1. Open Q & A Fridays

Each presenter will be available to answer questions on Fridays during the conference. If you’re like me, your most important questions often arise hours or days after the presentation. Now, you can still get those questions answered and see what other people are saying too.

2. Special Group for Networking & Discussions

All attendees will be invited to a private Facebook group. Each presentation will have a thread in the group where follow-up conversations and questions can live. You won’t miss out on the conversations and education that usually happen in between workshops at an in-person event. This will be available for 6 months as well.

3. Facebook Ad Basics to Prepare You for the Event

Don’t let the word “Advanced” in the title scare you away. You can attend 5 pre-conference sessions to catch up and feel comfortable, including:

  • Facebook Ad Creation 101 – Creating and bidding for ads
  • Facebook Ad Creative 101 – Ad images and copy
  • Facebook Ad Types 101 – Outline of ad types and options
  • Facebook Ad Targeting 101 – Understanding all the targeting options
  • Facebook Ad Engagement 101: Fan engagement and calls to action

4. Listen to Presentations while On the Go

You will be able to download MP3 recordings of all sessions. Listen to them in the gym, in your car—anywhere. Social Fresh is making sure their Facebook advertising conference is convenient and accessible for everyone.

5. Bonus Sessions

As if 22 presentations (and 5 pre-conference ones) weren’t enough, you also have access to several bonus presentations. They’re listed on the Facebook Ad Conference website and include digital marketing topics even outside of Facebook.

Register Now for a Reduced Price

Hurry up and sign up now to get a discount on pricing. You’ll save $300 if you register by June 18.

Facebook advertising can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. And now that Facebook has gone public, you can bet advertising options will ramp up regularly. Don’t get caught lagging behind.

With the variety of topics and quality of presenters, within one month you will soon be an expert on Facebook advertising too. Sign up today to secure your spot. Use coupon code “SOCIALFRESH” to save $150.


Disclaimer: Though I have no connection to this Facebook ad conference, I am blogging about it in hopes I’ll be given a free pass. I don’t want to miss this conference because there’s such a wealth of content being shared. So my excitement about it is sincere.   



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