bareMinerals Proves It’s a Force for Women

Pretty is what you are. Beauty is what you do with it.

Not quite the Dove Beauty messaging, but it’s a step in the right direction. The above message appears in the bareMinerals® ad campaign. The overall tagline, Be a Force of Beauty™ only begins to hint at the impact of this campaign.

Just the tagline: Be a Force of Beauty

In fact, the word “force” is something Leslie Blodgett, Executive Chairman of Bare Escentuals, wants women to focus on. She wants these ads to help women see they are bigger than just what they look like–realize their own potential.

That’s the beauty of this campaign.

The ad I saw this weekend features a real-life firefighter (Lauren) and emphasizes that the best make-up shows off your natural beauty.

Listen to the song in the background too, singing “I know you’re beautiful inside.”

Like Dove, Bare Escentuals, the maker of bareMinerals, uses real women and their real-life stories in their ads. To recruit models, the company reviewed surveys women filled out rather than looking at headshots.

They chose women with interesting stories, and then they used those stories too in video interviews.

Here’s Lauren’s story (the firefighter):

You can go to the Bare Escentuals YouTube channel to see all the ads and interviews. Melanie is a black belt in karate and a former mechanical engineer. Keri is a mother of three, and what she says really sums up the intent of this whole campaign:

These women are true role models. Something Dior could certainly learn from. Teen magazines should stop running the Dior Addict ads and make sure they run these bareMinerals ones instead.

Girls and young women need positive stories, positive role models to look up to. They also need to hear that beauty is not just “pretty” but what’s on the inside and what you do as a person that counts.

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