Addicted to Shock Value? Dior & Kate Moss Should Be Ashamed

So, I’m a little late to the party on this, but last week was the first time I saw a Dior Addict ad. And, in my defense, the one I saw was a brand new ad for their new line of Extreme lipsticks.

I should also add that, yes, I do have a good sense of humor. In fact, I was watching Chelsea Lately when the Dior Addict Extreme commercial came on.

At first, I thought maybe it was a joke. Kate Moss, who stars in this ad had (or has) a notorious drug habit. She didn’t pick up the nickname “Cocaine Kate” for nothing.

I wish I could show you the new ad, but it’s not online yet. (If interested, you can view a longer “Addict Film” from Dior on the Dior YouTube channel.) But, I think the concept alone is enough for you to form an opinion.

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick ad with Kate Moss

What do you think?

I’m absolutely appalled. This industry seems to have no shame. They employ models who are sickly thin, produce ads with women with black (bruised) eyes and now Dior is making light of or maybe just ignoring the seriousness of addiction.

Some call it “cheeky,” but I call having a former (alleged) addict promote your product called Addict is ridiculous. Maybe careless is a better word.

The tagline is “Dior Addict—Be iconic.” Yes, Kate Moss is a supermodel icon, so is Dior then telling women and teenage girls (who also use makeup and fragrance) to be like Kate?

Careless. Irresponsible. I’ll let you choose.

The thing is, Dior could’ve simply called their line “Dior Extreme” and still used Kate Moss. I do think they would’ve drawn a fair amount of attention because it really is her comeback. But, I’m sure they knew the sort of attention using “Addict” would create and chose the easy, sleazy way instead.

Too bad.


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