Cover of On the Dot e-zine on Tumblr

Target’s On the Dot is On the Mark

Cover of On the Dot e-zine on Tumblr

An e-mail landed in my inbox last week that made me instantly take a tumble. No, I didn’t fall. Target piqued my curiosity so much that I instantly clicked through to their new feature on Tumblr—On the Dot.

On the Dot is a sort of blogazine—my word, for now. It’s an informative little online style magazine, complete with features from big names in the fashion industry—like Nina Garcia and Jason Wu, in this month’s issue.

Target is not the first brand to interact with customers on Tumblr. In fact, fashion brands are already doing similar things (see The Bergdorf Goodman Swipe). What makes Target’s move brilliant is that they picked a seemingly perfect spot.

According to Quantcast, 55 percent of Tumblr users are under 34 years old, and another 30 percent are between ages 35 and 49. The average income of Tumblrs seems to be in Target’s sweet spot as well, with a low to middle class economic rating.

Sounds like Target’s perfect target audience. Tumblr is a great place to interact with and engage that audience. And with built-in tagging and sharing capabilities, the content they post is easier to find and more spreadable than many other social sites.

Customer/fan inclusion

Target not only offers customers value, but they also value their customers. It’s apparent in many moves they make, and this move on Tumblr is no different.

Like other Tumblr users and brands are doing, Target has found a fun way to integrate the very popular Instagram, offering fans a chance to be included in an upcoming issue of On the Dot.

Fave Finds page asking fans to add their pics from Instagram

“Want to be featured?” they ask. “Complete one of our style missions on Instagram and you may be next month’s Fave Find.”

Nice idea and pretty easy to do.

Final thoughts

Tumblr is quickly going from a small, fun platform for people to post quick thoughts, photos and blogs, to an important place for brands to be and interact with their target audiences.

In the era of the social web, successful brands stay fresh and creative and stay in tune with what their audience wants.

Target is doing that, time and time again.


Read more about Tumblr’s rising popularity on and CNN. Also, check out Mashable’s HOW TO: Build Your Brand on Tumblr.



  1. Liam Dempsey · January 17, 2012

    Thanks for flagging up the Target Tumblr page. It looks great — very clean and simple. Great images!

    On a related note, I was really impressed by Target’s recent coupon mailer which arrived at my house last week. I’ve shared a few photos of it on my company’s own Tumblr page:

    • ctmarcom · January 17, 2012

      I forgot about those coupons–those were a good idea. Thanks for the reminder! I also think Target does a fantastic job with their music-based commercials. Terrific energy behind them.

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