World of Warcraft, Wipeout and Wit

As Christmas nears, we’re getting lots of gift ideas from commercials. I think ad agencies and brands should get ideas from some of the commercials too. In fact, I have two specific ads in mind.

World of Warcraft

First up is this brilliant commercial for World of Warcraft.

Boy, does this brand know how to target an audience—at least in this commercial. Their Chuck Norris ad was inexplicably dumb…but I digress.

I’m not a gamer, but I am a woman, which I think is why I like this ad so much. The girl in this ad has power, and that’s such an important message to get across to young girls and young women.

And no, I wasn’t offended by the obvious “motherf*cker” she mouths. You can’t hear it, but in the ad I saw on TV (not the above one) you can read her lips and see that’s what she says.

“So…my boyfriend gives me World of Warcraft for my birthday, and I’m like, ‘I said diamonds, motherf*cker.”

As a writer, I love this line because it’s so real. The “I’m like” is natural and so is the use of such a curse word. Plus, it gives us a sense of her personality. She doesn’t back down easily.

Wii Wipeout

The second commercial is for the Nintendo Wii Wipeout game.

Not only does Nintendo spectacularly use fun and humor in this commercial, but they entice you with a $50,000 prize.

I don’t watch Wipeout on TV, but I have seen plenty of clips. I do always wonder what happens to the contestants after—do they end up in the hospital? Do they end up on disability because of the way their body folded backwards when they bounced off a giant ball?

The Wii Wipeout commercial plays around with that notion very well. The former contestant, Joel, is frightened by sudden moves and noises. It’s exaggerated and just flat out funny. Plus, the demonstration of the Wii game itself, makes the game look like fun. If I had a Wii, I would probably buy that game.

And be happy I don’t because I’d try and win the $50,000 too. And I’m one hell of a competitor!

These two commercials are unique, creative, make you laugh and are just plain well done. Agencies and brands should take note. I had no trouble remembering what these ads were for after just one viewing. And I liked them so much I keep telling others about them. Truly the marks of terrific advertising.


The young women in the ad is Aubrey Plaza. I didn’t know who she was when I first saw the ad, but I’d say she is a perfect choice to represent power. Read her bio on Wikipedia and learn about how she had a stroke at age 20. Pretty inspiring. 



  1. Liam Dempsey · December 18, 2011

    Great observations on the two ads. It’s nice to see that big companies can take a relatively low budget approach and still achieve a top quality ad.

    As for the Chuck Norris ad, I liked it … but then again, I think the whole ‘Chuck Norris is invincible’ line of jokes is hilarious. If you’re not familiar with that line, or don’t like it, then of course, the ad fails.

  2. ctmarcom · December 18, 2011

    Thanks, Liam. I know…I’m a little harsh on Chuck Norris. I know that silliness is the appeal. I just love this new one so much more I think because it was unexpected. You don’t see many games like that advertising to girls/women. And I thought this one was well done.

  3. Liam Dempsey · December 20, 2011

    I couldn’t agree with you more that the new World of Warcraft ad is much better than the Chuck Norris one. The new ad is so clean, simple and direct. Very poignant without being over the top. Refreshing too.

    • ctmarcom · December 20, 2011

      Yes–clean, simple and direct. The writing in the World of Warcraft ad is spot on. Very realistic. Your earlier comment about low budget is right, and the way they made it work is with a great concept and terrific writing. And, you know, as a writer, I certainly appreciate that!

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