Verizon Hopes You’re Ready for Some Football…on Your Mobile Phone

With the Phillies out of the playoffs (already…ugh, don’t get me started), it’s time to focus on football.

My attention lately has been drawn to Verizon’s NFL Mobile commercials. I love these commercials—and I think you will too. Why? Because of the ENERGY within them.

Check out this first one:

The energy comes from the music and is paced perfectly to relate to the start of the football season. The beginning gives a sense of anticipation—with just the whoosh of the football—and then participation, with more footballs flying through the air and everyday people catching them.

Overall, it’s a creative yet simple idea that’s very well done.

Now that we’re a few weeks into the season, this next Verizon NFL Mobile commercial seems perfect too.

This commercial amps up the energy with Drew Brees’ and the Saints’ pregame chant made famous in their Super-Bowl-winning year.

I love that chant! But even if you don’t. I’m sure there’s something that your team does that gets you fired up. And that’s exactly the point.

Verizon took a Nike-like approach to this ad and appeals to the true fans of the sport. From the look of the comments on their YouTube site, it seems to be working:

Comments from Verizon Wireless YouTube site Comments from Verizon Wireless YouTube site

That little spot of humor at the end fits nicely too. It gives the ad a nice sharp ending that quiets your brain and readies you for the call to action, which Verizon certainly wants you to hear.

Maybe next year, Verizon can create a baseball ad that will pump up the Phillies enough so that they remember how to hit and WIN! AGAIN! A girl can dream, right?

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