The Consumer-Friendly Wave of Digital Advertising

“In a world in which ads are becoming optional for users, the key to our industry’s success in the future will be delivering ads that people love, remember and share.”

Man in front of board pointing at "emotion"

This quote comes from Google’s Sandbox summary of their “There’s a Perfect Ad for Everyone” presentation. Their premise is that, right now, too many people are ignoring ads or using software to block ads. Advertisers and ad publishers need to find ways to counter this and get people not only to stop blocking their ads, but to actually engage with them.

Most advertisers, I hope, would agree. The key to success is delivering ads that people love, remember and share. It’s also respecting what consumers want and respecting their space and time.

This is where semantic advertising comes in.

In his article, The 3rd Wave for the Ad Industry, J. Brooke Aker (CEO of ADmantX) describes the first two waves as:

  1. The Internet media explosion of connectivity and multiple devices
  2. Technology that makes advertising efficient but leaves the user as an afterthought

No consumer wants to be an afterthought, right?

Semantic advertising is a more thoughtful method of online advertising. One that actually takes the reader’s emotions, behaviors, motivations and intentions into consideration. Ads are then placed on web pages based on the way the visitor to that page would react to the original content there.

Current digital advertising placement is often based on getting your ads in front of as many people as possible.

Semantic targeting is about getting your ad in the right place at the right time to elicit the right response from consumers.

You can get the response you want from digital advertising without annoying your customers, but you have to be willing to get your feet wet and catch the semantic advertising wave.

Get more details at Catch the Wave, the Third Wave of Digital Advertising. And if you have 36 minutes to spare, watch Neil Mohan’s entire speech on the future of display advertising.



  1. Ryan J. Gerardi (@autoconversion) · September 28, 2011

    36mins would be a long time, but if there are specific points in the video you think are worth listening to then I might skip to them.

    • ctmarcom · September 28, 2011

      Sorry, Ryan, though I marked down a couple of notes at certain minutes, I don’t have a good guide for you. I watched it in segments–15 min here, 5 min there, etc. It’s an interesting presentation. You could also check out the link I included to J. Brooke Aker’s article The 3rd Wave for the Ad Industry. He pulls out a few more specifics from the video. Good stuff.

  2. MK132 (@MK132) · October 2, 2011

    Advertising has always been about identifying emotion and quenching a thirst for something related to that emotion.

    • ctmarcom · October 3, 2011

      Yes, totally agree. Unfortunately, ad placement has not always taken emotion into account. Semantic advertising is one way to help make sure your digital ads find the right home online that matches the emotion in the ad to the emotional response of the reader to nearby content.

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