K-Y® Intense Advertising that Feels Quite Normal

I saw the coolest thing this past weekend, so I had to share it here. Notice anything special about this ad?

What’s remarkable about this commercial is that it’s, well, unremarkable. This commercial is actually not K-Y’s first with this plot line—where a couple sets up a scene chatting about each other toward the camera, then BAM, then the assumed after-sex bed shot comes in. But it is the first with a lesbian couple.

K-Y shows lesbians as the main characters in this commercial in the same way they show heterosexual characters in their other commercials. There’s no salaciousness, the sex part of the ad is discreet and humorous, and the characters seem like regular people. It feels quite normal, and that’s the best part.

Huge props to Johnson & Johnson and K-Y Brand for showing gay people like they’re a normal part of society—because they are normal!  No stereotypes, no big to-do, just two women acting like any other couple on earth. This is real life.

Mother New York, the ad agency that created this commercial, says on their website:

With over 1 million tweets and over 230,000 views on Facebook, the first ever J&J commercial featuring a homosexual couple has created quite a buzz.

I’m sure there will be negative buzz as well as positive, but maybe, just maybe, if more retailers and manufacturers were willing to show gay people in everyday life situations, fear and hatred of homosexuals would decrease. That would be a wonderful and long overdue new normal.



  1. myemailaddress · September 26, 2011

    Hooray – the ad world will be a huge help in showing gay people as normal people! I’m so glad you blogged about this. I’m posting it on facebook as we speak. (And it’s a pretty darned good ad!)


    • ctmarcom · September 26, 2011

      Glad you liked it! Thanks, Stephanie! And thanks for sharing it too. 🙂

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