5 ways Verizon turned lemons into lemonade

After bullying AT&T for at least a year, Verizon’s advertising soured even more with their “Rule the air” campaign. Not only does it reek of arrogance but it also feels like a slogan that’s been ripped off an old Nike ad.

But, their new “Susie’s Lemonade”commercial has a brighter feel to it. Using kids can often have that effect.

5 reasons the Susie’s Verizon ad works

1. Great storytelling

The commercial starts with a dad going off to work. His cute, little daughter is sitting at her lemonade stand, and her dad hands her a phone saying, “Here, use this. It has a calculator.” By the time he comes home Susie has turned her lemonade stand into a lemonade empire.

2. Shows the product in action

Yes, the phone has a calculator, but we also see it processing credit card payments and more. Susie goes from phone to tablet to laptop to showcase Verizon’s small business capabilities.

3. Appeals by using something most people love—kids 

As implied before, who doesn’t like kids? Showing kids succeeding in “grown-up” roles is often a hit—as is the reverse too (remember the AT&T Blackberry bumper cars?). Kids are a symbol of imagination (as compared to the limited-thinking dad). Plus, when you see kids using the products the underlying message is that you can do it too.

4. Takes something that’s true and exaggerates it

We all know (at least those of us 40 and over) that our kids figure out our electronics way before we do. After all, “Dad” owns the phone but seems to think it’s best use for Susie will be as a calculator. Ha—is he in for a surprise! If he only knew all the things his phone ( and Verizon) could do.

5. Makes it easy to remember what the ad is for

Once again, a family member tipped me off to this commercial. My dad asked me if I had seen it. He described a good bit of it and then even remembered it was a Verizon ad. That’s the true test.

The audience might love a commercial and remember it well, but if they don’t remember what it’s for, then the ad can’t be considered a success.

Even Verizon’s tagline works: “The small business with the best technology rules.” It’s a better play off the “Rules the air” message. And it’s something small business owners know is often true.

This commercial helps lessen the fear of “how do I compete in that world?” that many small business owners have. It speaks to turning dreams into possibilities and inspires people to think that maybe they can do it too…with Verizon’s help, of course.

In conclusion, Susie’s Lemonade commercial rules! Don’t ya think?

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