Ping: Becoming advertising masters?

A tarnished and struggling Tiger Woods means a vulnerable Nike Golf campaign too. And Ping has decided to strike.

Who needs a golf superstar when you have a British Open winner with a name no one can pronounce?

Ping’s most recent commercial is an example of how superior copywriting can make an ad. Take a look at the video and the script below:

There are two names on my bag. One nobody can pronounce, even after I won the British Open champ. The second name stands for innovation and performance—Ping.  Get custom fit today, and start making a name for yourself. It’s “Wisthazen” by the way.

Less than 50 words. Simple, to the point and subtle even. Who needs a flashy Tiger Woods when you have a wry British Open winner in Louis Oosthuizen?

Ping is smart. They’re not pretending you will know who their golfer is. They know you won’t recognize him and they’re taking full advantage of that, with a sly sense of humor and a powerful message. The man won the British Open with Ping golf clubs. Kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Since Tiger’s demise, golf fans have been in need of a new leading man. Without any one name stepping up to grab the spotlight, Ping is making moves to become the new leading brand.

Well played.


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