Don’t let your customers live in an outdated world, sillyhead

“You got the wrong TV, sillyhead.” You bought what you thought was the latest and greatest and then a new version came out that made yours seem like it’s lagging behind.

Ever feel that way? Of course you have and that’s what makes Best Buy’s “Outdated World” commercial resonate so well. We can all identify with it.

Technology changes so fast these days, it’s tough to keep up—even for people in the technology industry.

Being in marketing right now is exciting because so many new avenues have opened up. But, it is very difficult to keep up. Most companies are still mastering Facebook and Twitter, and now we have to try to become adept at location marketing and mobile marketing.

All the time, we wonder what’s coming next.

Now imagine you’re a doctor or nurse and you’ve spent most of your professional life focusing on people and patient care. Your office is now expected to go completely online.  Electronic medical records are being pushed as a crucial way to improve patient safety and reduce costs. Mobile phones are being used for patient messaging and health tracking. But maybe you just learned to text.

I know it’s hard to comprehend when you spend your days immersed in this stuff. But let’s think about these kinds of people more often. Plumbers, mechanics, small retail shop owners, retired people, lawyers, executives…I could go on and on.

Our job is not just to market to these audiences, but to help them. How can we simplify transactions and interactions? How can we ease them into using technology if they’re not already there?

Technology innovators seem to be targeting buyers who like to have the latest and greatest. And that works for now, to a point. But why not also target people who use technology much more casually?

Many electronic products don’t even come with user manuals anymore. The buyer is expected to play with it and learn or go online to read instructions or download a huge pdf. Intimidating—for many people.

The easier we make it for people to buy and use our products, the more likely they’ll be to increase their use of technology and buy more from us in the future.

As technology gets more complex and changes so quickly, more people will need help not falling behind. One solution stands tall: Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Give buyers a cool product, and there’s a decent chance they’ll look to buy from you again later.

Build their trust and make your customers feel comfortable buying from you and getting answers from you.  These buyers are more likely to continue to come back over and over again—and they’ll bring their friends too.


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