What Swiffer can learn from Chevy about women

Like many women, I am offended by Swiffer’s latest ad. Not because it’s sexist, but because it’s stupid.

The commercial shows two women dressed as dirt and waiting on the floor for their love to come, I guess, sweep them off their feet. And many women think the depiction of women as dirt dumped by one “broom” and waiting for another to pick them up is derogatory and sexist. (See the video and a quick account of the backlash at Jezebel.)

C’mon ladies, why are you even watching Swiffer commercials anymore? Didn’t the supposed former love affair with the broom kind of say it all? If this is the first Swiffer commercial you think stereotypes women, you haven’t been paying attention.

If you want to be offended, be offended because it’s bad advertising. Swiffer obviously doesn’t understand its target audience.

But Chevy does. Their “Guys Night” ad is perhaps one of the best commercials for women. Have you seen it yet?

I feel like I don’t even have to explain it. Starts off with a good-looking guy trying to erase any evidence of a baby in his car. He makes sure his wife is okay and even thanks her for letting him go on his guys night. Then when he pulls away with his buddies, his friend hits the CD player and baby music comes on. That smile at the end says this guy is completely comfortable being a father, even if his buddies end up making fun of him later.

What is more attractive to women than that?

Well, how about a man who takes a Swiffer WetJet out of a woman’s hand and says, “Please, allow me”…and hands her a glass of wine…and takes his shirt off…and…oh, wait, sorry. Got a little distracted there.

My point is, Swiffer, women love your products but not your campaign. Pay more attention to what women respond to.

Um, you might want to start with the comments on your Facebook page.

Facebook comment posted on Swiffer wall

See what I mean?


Ok, Swiffer, I don’t know why I’m doing your work for you, but I found another story you can use to figure out how to advertise to your audience. Check out the Mommin’ It Up blog.



  1. peggoc · January 11, 2011

    How true. Great product … out-of-touch advertising.

    • ctmarcom · January 11, 2011

      It’s a shame no one at Swiffer has noticed that yet.

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