Bowls of brand flakes

It’s that time of year again—college football bowl game time. The TicketCity Bowl in Dallas, the Allstate Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl in Nashville…

What the hell do these names have to do with football?

And what sort of brand value comes from simply slapping your name on an event?

TicketCity doesn’t even sell tickets to the Bowl game they sponsor. (Thanks, SportsPickle!)

Only a few game sponsorships make sense, like Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl. Anyone can see the relationships there.

Who cares if there’s a relationship? Well, that relationship makes the brand easier to remember. And isn’t that the point?

These brands could all learn from Mountain Dew.

A while ago, I heard Mountain Dew was coming out with new flavors again—something that hasn’t gone too well for them in the past. This time, they let Dew-drinking fans decide. And the new one, as they say, “chosen for the people, by the people,” was White Out.

Snowboarder over halfpipe and Dew White Out signs

A week ago, I tuned in to the Winter Dew Tour on NBC. The snowboard halfpipe competition was airing live from Breckenridge, Colorado. I could barely tell which snowboarders were in the pipe because of the heavy snow falling. It was a literal white out.

The camera zoomed in to the starting area and there it was, the most perfect brand placement ever. A barrel cooler of Mountain Dew White Out…in white out conditions. What a way to promote the product!

Dew definitely knows its target audience.

Other brands should be more like Dew and put more thought behind choosing events that make the most sense. Yes, sometimes the decision might be based on the amount of  reach and visibility. And that’s ok, as long as the audience the event is most visible to is your target audience.

As for the college bowls, brands would get more bang for their buck if they sponsored events that made sense. Like instead of Allstate, maybe UPS could sponsor the Sugar Bowl and name it the Brown Sugar Bowl.

Well, I was going to say Domino, but it’s kind of not their target audience. And hey, how much fun could UPS have with that? Maybe someone can forward this blog to them??

Or, do you have any better ideas?


Have you seen Mountain Dew’s “Waves” commercial yet? I love the creativity, and it’s what inspired me to talk about Dew this week. And tune in to the Winter Dew Tour. There are two events left. (Above photo of snowboarder JJ Thomas is from the official Dew Tour site.)


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