Small business support + Innovation = Intuit

Last week, I talked about how Logitech missed the mark with their Kevin Bacon ad. This week, I want to show you a company that does it right—Intuit.

In their “Small business, rejoice” commercials, they entertain, but they also inform. (If you remember, Logitech was weak on the inform part.)

Let’s look at this first ad:

Is it as entertaining as the Kevin Bacon commercial? No. But, do you walk away knowing what you’ll get from Intuit? Yes. And that’s what’s important.

Intuit’s products and services make you feel like you have a back room full of business experts ready to help you. That’s the message the audience gets.

It’s also the message Intuit wants you to get. Know how I know? After I started writing this, I found Intuit’s own statement on their YouTube page:

“Intuit helps small businesses thrive. Our products and services simplify small business financial management, marketing and payroll.”

Their different commercials address these points. How much more simple can you get than running credit card payments through a cell phone? Check this out:

Small businesses rely on innovation and flexibility to thrive. Intuit proves—with their advertising and their product development—that they know their audience.

Small business, rejoice, indeed.


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