Crisp Bacon but soggy Logitech

Kevin Bacon has truly outdone himself. Logitech’s new commercial is hilarious! See for yourself:

The problem is the ad is a waste of money. The buzz created isn’t about Logitech, it’s about Kevin Bacon. And who really knows what the commercial was for?

Ok, sure, it’s for some keyboard doohickey that lets you use Google TV. Well, what does that mean?

They spent so much time on the funny Kevin Bacon part that they left too little time to explain what their product does. Assuming that we already know is a risky move.

Did Logitech create the ad only for the narrow audience that understands Google TV? Or did they think being funny was enough to drive people to buy their product?

Either way, that’s bad advertising.

Watching the commercial, I kept asking myself, “How is that any different from me using my Verizon guide? Or the guide and a web-connected Blu-ray player?”

And, if Verizon isn’t quite up to speed now, won’t they be soon? Given Verizon’s competitive abilities, I think that’s the safe bet.

Why would I buy Logitech’s keyboard?

Kevin Bacon gave us reasons to laugh. Too bad Logitech didn’t give us a reason to buy.


If you want to know more about Google TV, check out Gizmodo’s site. They did a good job of explaining it.

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