The future of marketing—in 60 seconds

What is the future of marketing?

That was the theme of a microconference that took place November 16, 2010. Nothing earth-shattering was revealed, but it was interesting to hear so many different views—60 views, to be exact.

Each speaker had 60 seconds to sum up what he or she thought the future of marketing will look like. (You can read a transcript here.)

I liked this idea so much I thought I’d give my own 60-second take on the future of marketing too.

Listen here:

Future of Marketing Podcast

If you prefer to read, here’s a transcript:

Companies used to be able to get away with doing the same thing over and over. Not anymore. Multiple marketing channels and fast-changing technology means companies need to be able to move quickly and be comfortable with change. Advertising and marketing are no longer about who can spend the most money but about who can move the quickest to be where their customers are or will be. Marketing will be less about rigid campaigns and more about creating and reacting to opportunity. More gains will be made by those who are willing to be bold and take risks. Not outrageous risks, but risk doing something different. In this age of social media, we have more data than ever before about our audience. It’s time, past time, to use that information and really understand the audience—connect. Know your audience enough to be where they will be and to offer them what they need before they even realize they need it. In one word, the future of marketing is about opportunity, and it’s our job to take advantage of it.


In the Future of Marketing Conference, Rohit Bhargava spoke about the need for marketers to stop speaking in jargon and corporate-speak and start speaking in “human” terms. As a plain language advocate, I was very happy to hear this. So, in return, I’d like to highlight his blog this week: The Influential Marketing Blog.



  1. skipshoe · November 27, 2010

    I like it… break out of the mold. Especially, knowing what your customers need and will want, before they even know it! Staying ahead of the curve FOR your customers is a lot of work – but is the only way to operate in today’s dynamically changing market. And… being in front of the curve is the only place from which you can lay down new tracks as an influencer.

  2. ctmarcom · November 28, 2010

    Yes, staying ahead of your customers is a lot of work, but those who don’t will be left behind. It’ll be interesting to see how large companies handle this shift. They’ll have to stop cutting their marketing departments–ha! As a marketer, I welcome the shift to being more audience focused. And I think these are exciting times–even if they end up being exhausting too. Thanks for your comment, Skip!

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