Call to action on calls to action

A call to action is more than just a chance to get your reader to act. It’s also your chance to leave your prospect with one lasting impression.

Ever go to a movie that draws you in, draws you along and then just ends? (Ahem… Hereafter.) What do moviegoers then do? They complain about the movie. They decide not to see another movie starring that actor or directed by that director. In short, they leave.

Just like a bad ending in a movie, a bad ending—or no clear ending—in your marketing materials can send your audience away.

This means your flyers, brochures, e-mails, web pages, etc., all need some sort of call to action.

What’s a call to action?

“Read my blog.” That’s a call to action—a direction you’re asking your audience to take. “Register now.” “Enroll today.” See how easy it is?

Call to action from Target e-mail

Too many marketers are missing this opportunity. They spend time and money creating all sorts of marketing materials, but only apply a call to action to a few.

I guess that’s okay if you like throwing money away. But if you prefer to make money instead, think about your call to action right from the start.

What do you want your audience to do? That one question should drive every step you take. Your call to action should drive that message home.

A strong call to action has these 4 traits:

  • Clear
  • Simple
  • Relevant
  • Easy to see

As you can see, Target’s call to action has all four. Plus, the sale end date gives a sense of urgency to get customers to act quickly.

Lead the way

Don’t assume that your readers know what you want them to do. Your job is to make things easy for them. Give them reasons to act. Show them how to act.

Remember, it’s great that you have a strong beginning and a good middle, but you also need a compelling end.

Compel your audience to act now.


Get 10 tips for effective calls to action. Read more about calls to action here.


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