Don’t read my blog, please circle ribbon logoDoing things a little differently this week in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month. I’m not going to talk about brand or marketing or copywriting. Instead, I’m asking you to read:

What Happens When One of the World’s Leading Breast Cancer Doctors Gets Breast Cancer?

This article by Robert Huber of Philadelphia Magazine is one of the best I’ve ever read. It profiles President and Founder Dr. Marisa Weiss as she talks about managing her own diagnosis with breast cancer.

Yes, it reveals the tremendous personal brand of Dr. Weiss, and it’s fantastic advertising for Lankenau and Pennsylvania Hospitals. But, I’m urging you to read it just to be inspired—to learn about an incredible woman.

And if you’re further inspired to donate to, even better.

So, go ahead. Read the article through the link above or the one right here.


This blog post is in memory of Bertha Mollo, Doris Fischer, Joan Walter and Ginger Luskin, and in honor of  Liz D’Angelo, Esta Ann Stearne and all the fabulous women out there facing their own diagnosis, fighting for their lives, or living the dream called survival.


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