Timberland: A lean, mean, green machine

Bear, wolf & man from Timberland ad & websiteApparently, Timberland is sick of getting eaten up by the competition. They’re making a bold move in Nike’s advertising direction with an ad campaign that features:

  • Handheld camera work
  • Fast action with suspense thrown in
  • Loud, energetic music (“Don’t Give Up” by the Noisettes)
  • A catchy tagline – If you’re not fast, you’re food.

Showcasing their mountain athletic shoes, their ad, “Bait,” has a real shot at stealing some customers and eating up the competition. See what you think:

Even their tagline at the end of the ad, “Take it all on,” gives you the sense that Timberland is on a new path.

And advertising isn’t the only thing they’re doing well these days. As you can tell from their website, this company wants to lead the way in being “green.”

Click on “Go Faster” and you’ll see “Further. Faster. Lighter. Smarter…High-performance outdoor shoes made with the environment in mind.”

From trash piles to time trials.

Under “Go Green,” you’ll learn how they use recycled rubber to save money and save the earth. You can read even more taking the link to learn more on the Green Rubber site.

Be aware of what you put on your body

We hear all the time to be aware of what we put in our body. By changing one word—“in” to “on”—they have another slogan we can get behind. They link to their corporate site where you can learn more about their environmental efforts.

Back in 2007, they expressed a goal of being carbon neutral by 2010. They’re not quite there yet, but the efforts they’re making are quite impressive, including:

Now their goal is to be carbon neutral by 2015. After all they’ve done and learned along the way, Timberland is sure to meet that goal. It’s now our job as responsible consumers to support Timberland and companies like it.

Think about it. I learned all this just because their commercial intrigued me. It didn’t take much time at all to see what Timberland is doing to help the environment and be a more responsible company. And the best part about it is they’re making it fun—for their employees and consumers.

While their commercial has that “in your face” attitude, their environmental efforts are quietly setting an example for other manufacturers and retailers to follow.

People used to think companies so conscious about the environment were stodgy and boring. Timberland is changing that stereotype fast—and if others don’t keep up, they’ll be the food.


Here’s a list of carbon-neutral achievements and commitments from companies and one of my favorite environmental organizations The Nature Conservancy.



  1. Christine Marie · October 16, 2010

    I’d like to add that I hope no one follows Christine O’Donnell in saying “I’m you.”

    The first thing I did was laugh and say “Oh, no you aren’t, lady!” Whether alike or not, that type of absolute comparison is not easily accepted. People are much more likely to take a defensive attitude.

    • ctmarcom · October 16, 2010

      Exactly my thought. She could’ve said “I’m a lot like you,” “I’m a regular person, just like you,” or something similar. It’s the absolute “I’m you” that I and many people find offensive, especially when a politician is saying it.

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