Why you should care how people share

Earlier this year, my friend, Paul, won a trip to Cancun from a local radio station. The DJ announced his name and he had about 15 minutes to call in to win. But he wasn’t listening. He never heard his name.

So, how did he win?

Complete strangers called him. They tracked down his phone number online and called to tell him his name was drawn.

People like to share. Social media has increased the frequency and reach of sharing.

Every business and organization now has a responsibility to:

  • Give people something good (product or service) to share
  • Make it easy to spread the word

It’s just good business.

Innovate new ways to share

Kodak knows that everyone loves to share pictures, so what did they do? They put a share button right on the camera. The commercial does make it seem more convenient and cool than it really is (you still need a computer), but it’s a step in the right direction.

People love to share good news

The other day, my friend, Bechara, told me his product, Bagel Spice got picked up by Whole Foods. I was so excited for him I couldn’t wait to tell people.

The product is delicious, but if it wasn’t, I still would’ve been excited for him. I just wouldn’t be telling anyone to go buy it.

Twitter is another example. That was built for sharing. Like the other day, I saw this tweet:

Tweet from Spinners Bikes saying they had appointments available

I retweeted it. I have no connection to Spinners Bikes, but I do love biking. I know a mobile bike maintenance service that comes right to you can be quite handy when you need a quick fix for your bike. So, I passed it along. And Spinners thanked me right away—again, good business.

Customer as advertiser

Sharing is not a new concept. Remember the old Faberge shampoo ads? “I told two friends and they told two friends, and so on and so on.

They’re talking about word-of-mouth advertising. But today is different. With so many websites built to help people share, even casual customers are sharing like never before.

Beware: Bad news travels faster

Don’t forget, people love to share bad news too. And they can do so right from their mobile phones. Give bad service, and that one customer will tell everyone they know—right away. And the story will probably get worse and worse each time he, she or someone else tells it.

Decide which side you want to be on (the good side, of course) and do everything you can to stay there.


I’d now like to share the website/blog of the first person who really welcomed me to Twitter when I first joined. His name is Tim Scullin, and he definitely knows how to share. Another person I know who embodies the spirit of sharing and shares some great information is Danny Brown. And if you like what you see, please pass it along.



  1. skipshoe · July 13, 2010

    Coreen – listening and sharing are becoming the hallmarks of good cyber-citizenship. BTW – I’d love to see a “Tweet Me” button on your blog so I can more easily share your blog posts!

    • ctmarcom · July 13, 2010

      Your comment made me laugh out loud! I was thinking “I’m posting this and I don’t even have a share button!” Bad, I know. I tried to put a share bar on and it screwed up my whole page. I will try again. I promise!

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