Poise with a capital pee

What makes a great spokesperson? Poise, resonance, relatability….sure. Even better though is bravery.

I started thinking about this months ago, when Sarah Evans (@PRsarahevans) asked who the ultimate spokesperson is.

My first thought was Michael Jordan—when he was with the Chicago Bulls. Every company wanted MJ to endorse its product. He set the bar on million-dollar endorsements for every sports star that followed—and follows still.

My next thought drifted to Dennis Haysbert and stayed there for a while. Haysbert played the President on television’s 24 and seemed to carry the weight of that role with him into his Allstate ads.

His deep voice and calm, steady mannerisms exude trust and integrity. He makes me want to buy Allstate insurance. And that is the point, after all. So I thought he was the ultimate spokesperson.

But now I’ve changed my mind, and I finally have my answer—Whoopi Goldberg is the ultimate spokesperson.

Sure, she may not be the most famous, the most liked or the most glamorous, but she is the bravest. Who else would’ve felt comfortable enough to admit that they leak pee?

Whoopi is the commercial spokesperson for Poise pads. She puts a very public face to a very private problem many people (1 in 3 women) have. And she does it with humor.

The theme here is that if a celebrity can talk about it, then maybe regular people will start talking about it. That 1 in 3 women statistic means our friends and family members struggle with it but don’t say a word. What’s worse is a reported 40% of women with bladder leakage don’t tell their doctors.

Kimberly-Clark, the maker of Poise pads, hopes Whoopi will change that. And for the sake of women everywhere, I hope so too. In fact, maybe she’ll encourage other celebrities to come forward for other health problems.

From product endorsements to public service announcements, well-known people sharing their real-life experiences could be just what we need to make others talk about and get help for serious issues. Think of the difference that could be made by talking about bipolar depression, anxiety and suicide.

Whoopi is taking the shame away from bladder leakage, and she could be setting a trend for other celebrities to follow.

For that, she is my ultimate spokesperson. Who can argue with that?


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