Marketing is NOT in the details

I thought of not posting this week because I’m recovering from an emergency appendectomy. But one theme keeps running through my mind that’s an important one for successful marketing:

Get rid of what you don’t need.

Details. Marketing to an audience is not about details. It’s about messages—the messages your audience wants (or needs) to hear.

Too often advertising and marketing communications become more about what product managers or business owners want to say. It shouldn’t be only the copywriter’s job to stand up for what the consumer wants.

Everyone along the marketing chain should work with the consumer first in mind.

I know, you love your product. You’re excited and you want to tell everyone about it. That’s great, but your job is not to tell people everything about the product. Your job is to get them to listen.

People love to talk details. Very few people like to listen to details.

If no one is listening, no one is buying. In today’s world, where more people scan than read, you need a strong message that stands out.

Picture of forest

Think of each detail you want to give as a tree. If your main message is but one tree in a forest of details, how will anyone ever see it?

Get rid of what you don’t need. And let your message stand out like a tall tree in an open field. Easy to see means it’s easy to act on.

Leave details where they belong—in a product manual or user guide.


Credit for the picture goes to ohioandy. Check out this new site that is all about writing better taglines. You can ask for help or help others.


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