Inspiration: Nike ads just do it right

There’s a common theme I’ve seen this past week, and it comes at a great time. The message? If you get knocked down, get back up. Nike could not have timed their new Human Chain ad better.

They timed the launch with the Olympics, but it’s also perfect timing for the bleak state our economy is still in. Watch this video.

Now think of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have been knocked down hard in the past two years. Here we sit on the edge of either recovering or going down further.

The constant talk about unemployment, the down economy, the inability of Congress to solve this or any other problem could keep us down for a while—unless we change the conversation.

The key to any recovery, even one as large as this, is to believe it can be done. If athletes can make us believe, marketers can too. We can’t just sell. We need to inspire.

The Olympics are a wonderful source of inspiration. We come together as a country, rooting for the same team. We are inspired by the athletes’ stories and performances.

Shaun White smacked his head hard in the X Games, won gold there and in the Olympics. How does he explain it? “I got back up. “ (Oprah interview 2/19)

Lindsey Vonn bruised her shin so badly she could barely walk, let alone ski. She came back and won the gold in her first event.

As marketers and creatives, who’ve suffered drastic budget cuts and staff cuts, we’ve been in our own funk. We’re so focused on selling that we forgot what motivates customers to stay with us.

Good advertising motivates you to buy a product. Great advertising inspires you for larger things. Nike gets it.

Now it’s your turn. As the song says, “Everybody gets knocked down. How quick are you gonna get up?”

It’s time—just do it.


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