Marketing in a snowstorm

Snowy road after a snowplow

Be the snowplow!

After two blizzards in one week, I can’t get snow out of my brain. But maybe that’s a good thing. I mean, think of the snowstorm we all face every day.

Every day we walk through a blizzard of marketing and advertising messages—at least 5,000 messages each day. Blizzards kill visibility, making your message just another flake in the snow.

As a marketer, what are you going to do?

Think of the crowd as your neighborhood. Think of the thousands of daily ad messages out there as snow. Now, ask yourself:

Are you going to make everyone shovel? Or are you going to be the snowplow?

To be an effective marketer, act like you’re in a real snowstorm:

1.  Clear the snow from the windshield. Make it easy for your customers to see where you want them to go. Remember, they’re going to be hit with thousands of messages each day. How will you make yours stand out?

2.  Clear off the top of the car too. Ever been behind a car with six inches of snow on the top that breaks off and flies at you in icy chunks? As you take care of the lead car, don’t forget the ones behind it. There are lots of potential customers in the crowd, don’t take care of one type at the expense of others.

3.  Clear the snow from the roads. Now that your customers can see where to go, make it easy for them to get there. People don’t want to put a lot of effort into finding your product or into taking advantage of a good deal. Promote a strong promise and then deliver—beyond expectations.

So, don’t just dump a pile of messages out there and hope one sticks. Be the snowplow and clear the way for a top-notch customer experience.


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