Think Pink to boost your brand

Want to know how to get people talking about your business? Take a lesson from Pink. That’s right—Pennsylvania-born, tattooed wife of biker Carey Hart, no lip-synching, Grammy-winning singer Pink (a/k/a Alecia Moore).

That lesson can be summed up in three words:

Wow the crowd.

Were there better singers at the Grammys? Sure. She didn’t win a Grammy this year, but she did win the night. All of those singers—and everyone else there—left talking about Pink.

You, too, can leave the same impression on your audience. And you don’t have to train high up in the air hanging from silks. Just take these three steps:

1. Find something different you can do to stand out. Know what your competition is doing. Know what your strengths are and highlight one in a creative way.

2. Plan out your strategy so you execute well. For Pink, this meant planning and lots of practice. For you, it means do something different, but don’t do something you can’t do well. Plan every step of it, including what you will do after to follow it up.

3. Involve the crowd. Let them get a little wet. Make it entertaining. Make them laugh. Make them say “wow.” Bottom line—make them remember you…in a good way.

When competition is tough or times are tough, take a risk. Do something different, but don’t BE different. Keep it within the realm of who you are.

Be yourself to build trust. Stand out from your competition to build an audience.

And, if all else fails, hire Pink. She knows how to keep the crowd talking, and she always keeps it real.

(Sorry, I can’t post the video. The Grammys made it available only on iTunes.)


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