Goldilocks and the three beers

Maybe Bud Light should have hired Goldilocks to write their ads for them. Even she knew about the power of three. Remember her eating that porridge? “This one is too hot. This one is too cold. This one is just right.” She doesn’t sit there savoring the flavor and say, “Mm, eatability.”

Like advertising, children’s books rely on a certain rhythm to capture their audience’s attention. The author knew the story wouldn’t have worked with two bears or four bears because there’s a power in three.

Three Stooges. Three’s Company. ABCs, not ABs or ABCDs. Dorothy clicks her heels three times to get home from Oz. Genies give three wishes. See my point?

The sad thing is the people at Bud Light (and their ad agency) know this. They have a perfectly good slogan staring them in the face, yet, I’m guessing, someone in love with his or her own idea insisted they stick with “drinkability.” You know, the same idea that bored people out of their skulls and gave them their first negative sales year in their 27-year history.

The Bud Light commercials out right now (see below) are pretty good because they’ve added humor back in. All the ingredients are there to give their ads, if I dare say it, rememberability. “Not too heavy. Not too light. Just right.” Bud Light. See how great that is? They could even shorten it in different ads and say Bud Light, just right.

Too bad they only show “just right” on the screen; they don’t say it. At the end of their commercials, just as you think Bud Light finally got back in the ad game, the anvil drops on the coyote’s head—“Drinkability.” Gag.

And “Just Right” hovers there, as if the creative guy who wanted to ditch “drinkability” left it in there just to prove he was right. And he was. Just right.

In the crowds

Communication, marketing and managing are all about people–and ideas. I’m a copywriter. I lead a team of copywriters. And I know that to be good at my job, to be good at communicating, marketing and managing, I need to understand people first. Lucky for me, I love psychology and trying to understand people.

So, I named my blog “In the crowds” because it seemed fitting in so many ways. Marketing is nothing without the consumer. This blog will look at the ins and outs of consumer marketing–all parts of it. Copywriting, branding, social media and thoughts on consumer behavior. I hope you like it. I’ll post more soon and plan to post at least once a week for starters.

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